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Turning a Chromebook into a clojurebook

My husband surprised me with a Acer Chromebook, 11.6-Inch, CB3-111-C670 (Intel Celeron , 2GB, 16GB SSD, White) .. yeah ok, I have an affiliate link in there, if you don’t want to throw me a bone then just search for it. :) So far I’ve earned about $1.35 :)

At first I was like … I don’t need yet another device … but I thought maybe chromebooks are good for those that just want to check email, facebook, so I should check it out so I could talk about it intelligently. ChromeOS is actually pretty good. All google’s sites work good and the UI was plesant. But could I develop on it? Maybe I said. I could, of course, ssh to a machine at AWS or DigitalOcean. But I could do that from my ipad.

Then I remembered which I used awhile back. I was doing Ruby/Rails then and liked the collaborating features. I checked now and there was a java container so I fired up one of those. I installed lein (not the package, use wget and the url here to get the most up to date version.

Then I ran:

lein new compojure chromebook
lein ring server

Boom, a compojure server. In your Nitrous config, go to ports, then add port 3000. Then you can go to your UI for nitrous and go to Preview, and you’ll see your web interface.

Ok cool but what about emacs?

Open the terminal view full screen, type emacs and entering emacs. Cool, already installed! I didn’t check what emacs libraries were isntalled but I bet you can add what you need.

However all that depends on an internet connection and I am fixing to fly to New York on client business…so I am going to have alot of downtime and maybe not always with decent internet. Could I install linux locally and get clojure working?

Following these directions, I got it working. I used Unity and I was afraid it would be slow. But it really wasn’t to my surprise. The default terminal is crappy so I installed Tilda and it is minimal but works, I set the size to be 85%/85% and center horizontally. I don’t expect to do any side by side editing so just putting it in the middle was good.

I installed firefox default-jre and then lein (same method as above) … then I was able to get a compojure app running like before and go to port 3000 to view it.

I installed emacs with the update directions and then to get a decent set of emacs configuration I use brave clojure’s configs. With vim I always kept my configs on github but with emacs its pretty easy to just grab one of these setups like Brave Clojure has and build on it.

Pretty cool, battery life is amazing..11+ hours, keyboard is decent. Touchpad not annoying, though the slide to scroll doesn’t work but I am good with that. For $169 (at the time) it is pretty dang cool. And it doesn’t delete the the ChromeOS so I can always go back. :)

Closing it to put it to sleep works great and it wakes up with no problem. That always has been a problem when I’ve put ubuntu in a vm on mac or pc.

I’ll see how it performs on my flight (multiple lay overs… but some are in Chicago so I can grab an italian sausage at least!) but I think this is pretty awesome.

Now to just get some clojure stickers for the back of my clojurebook…

Clojure is copyright by Rich Hickey.

ChromeBook is probably copyright by Google

clojurebook is something I just made up :)